Introduction to Online Marketing

There are many facets to running a business. Marketing is vital, even crucial, to your success.

It takes many channels to convey your brand or your mission to the greater consumer audience. Graphics are one. Your hi-quality products & services are another. Your website content and corporate communications are yet another.

We can help give you the competitive edge your business needs by tailoring each page to your voice, your products and most importantly, your audience. Good adcopy should be intentionally designed to boost demand on products and services.

Let's start with a catchy lesson: The 5 M's of Marketing:

Mind Map image

Think marketing as a business owner and understand the need for and value of getting involved with your marketing.

A good marketing mindset not only puts your customer at the center, it enables you to develop a logical, consistent and repeatable sales process.

See below for more on marketing mindset.

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Ensure that you understand exactly who your target clients or audience are, how they think about your products or services, and precisely what their needs are.

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Determine the single most important benefit your business offers clients (which separates you from your competitors).

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Determine where you are most likely to reach your ideal customers, at exactly the right time; timing is [almost] everything in marketing.

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Know which of your marketing efforts are working and, more importantly, which ones aren't.

This entire process can take between 1-3 months, sometimes even up to 6 months (depending on the complexity of the project). Smaller projects can take 15 to 30 days to complete. We'll work with you to determine a targeted launch date.

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What else helps with mindset?

Confidence in both yourself and the service you offer.

Overcome your tendency to underestimate the value of what you offer (everyone has this issue):

Unless you know the true value of your products or services, it can be very difficult to convey this to your prospective customers. There are many downsides to not knowing your value such as undercharging, less confidence in handling sales objections, or asking for the sale and not knowing how to price your products and services. We can help you through an analysis of your business (including but not limited to preconceived impressions, SWOT analysis and more), and then provide you with a checklist of actionable items that will give you the clarity, focus and confidence in your brand and products or services.

How to Start?

Key aspects that help to create a successful marketing mindset include:

  • Write down the key values of your offers; choose no more than three and prioritize these values.
  • Understand how to convey each value and sell your products/services without being pushy or salesy.
  • Identify potential sales objections, and then explore ways of overcoming these sales objections.
  • Learn how to price your products and services.
  • Understand the concept of value pricing – and its implications for your business.
  • Discover how to charge what you are really worth and get it.

What Next?

As well as developing a successful marketing mindset, it is important you have a marketing plan: a well-developed action guide to keep you focused, on track, and successful.