Domain Management

What's a Domain Name?

A domain name (like "") is an address that defines a "realm of authority" on the internet. Think of it like a physical address where mail is sent and people can drive to. Similarly, if someone wants to visit your website, that person will use your domain name to access it. Your domain name "points" to your website just as your physical address "points" to your office.

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A Basic DNS Glossary

DNS (Domain Name Server or Domain Name System): A server that translates a web address into one or more IP addresses. For example,'s IP Address is

IP Address: IP is an acronym for Internet Protocal Address. People tend to find it difficult to remember long strings of numbers: It's easier to remember words. However, electronic devices use streams of 1's and 0's to communicate. The only way for one computer to communicate with another is by unique identification. Your website lives on a web server with a specific (IP) address assigned to it. This IP address points to your website.

Name Servers: Machines set up specifically for the purpose of routing domain names to the proper IP address. It's like your contact list in your phone, which lists names to locate a phone number, instead of just the phone number.

Registrar: If you want your website to be called, for example,, then that domain must be registered with an entity called a "registrar." A registrar is a company that issues and manages domain names. Ecentech is a domain registrar and automatically submits domain details to WHOIS. WHOIS is the global catalog of domain ownership and controller information.

Ensure You Own Your Domains

Your domain name is one of the most important parts of your web presence. It's your "address" on the internet.

The domain name system is not that complex, but it is complex enough to be somewhat difficult to fully understand. For this reason, many organizations turn over control of their domain name to an agency manage.

This has some pros and cons. This might be the best option for your situation. However, before you decide to relinquish authority over your domain, be aware of this possible scenario, for example:You've hired a free-lancer to setup your domain and website, but this person decides to change careers or whatever, and your website domain is up for renewal and you have no idea where it's hosted and how to access it. And your website goes down. This happens more often than you might think.

If you assign Ecentech to setup your domain & host account at, we provide you with your account details, including login & password (which you can change at anytime). Whether we set up your host account or you do it yourself, you'll be sent automatic reminders when a service is due for renewal 90, 60, 30, 15, 7, 2 and 1 day in advance. Additionally, we offer add-on products to help safequard your domain (see "Secure Your Domain" section below).

Secure Your Domain

Ask yourself these 3 questions:

  1. If you lost your domain, how much would that affect your business?
  2. How much have you invested in the branding of your business?
  3. How much business would you lose if your domain name was gone?

Fortunately, we offer two add-on products to give you extra domain security.

  Private Registration Domain Ownership Protection
One year grace period for expired domain, due to expired credit card, or other non-payment  
Deadbolt Transfer Protection *1  
Prevents domain hijacking  
Masks your personal details in the WhoIs Directory *2
Prevents domain-related spam
Deters domain hijackers
Protects you from stalkers and harassers
Includes a private email address that can be forwarded to you, filtered or blocked

*1 Deadbolt Transfer Protection: Makes it impossible for most transfers to occur - whether accidental or malicious.

*2 WhoIs Directory: The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), is the group that manages the global domain name system, and requires us to submit your contact information whenever you register a domain. This information is published in the online WhoIs directory, open to the public 24/7.