Website content writers specialize in providing relevant content for businesses which are building their online presence. Every business has a target audience, sometimes very specific, and sometimes their audience is more of a general demographic (for example all women or all men is a very generalized demographic).  However you define your customer, still requires mindful attention to your content. Content should contain language (key words, phrases, tone, message, and so on) that attracts visitors to your business.  Ultimately, though, your products and/or services will keep your customers coming back.

Ecentech takes writing ad-copy much farther by creating engaging and relative narratives to your products and services.

Some companies use informational only, and are not engaged in selling a product or promoting benefits of service -- but this is a mistake -- whether you are offering a product or a service, your customer base needs to feel compelled to either buy your products or engage in your services.

Think of us as movie script writers: the movie is only as good as the way the story is told.  Quality content translates to greater awareness, more revenue, customer loyalty, and most of all, what you can do for your customers. 

Many companies depend on content writers to give them a leg-up on the competition. Here are three examples we use when developing content:

  • Developing keywords, and then generate content around those keywords.
  • Develop a narrative of how the product will benefit, or otherwise appeal to the reader -- every product or service is narrative hungry. We have very fetching narrative examples to illustrate what this looks like.
  • Organize online content which allows your website visitors to get the information they want quickly and accurately. Focused web content gives readers access to information in the most efficient way possible. You have about 5-10 seconds to either grab your reader, or lose your reader.

There are other technical aspects to creating search engine friendly content that we can discuss with you later.

Online Writers vs. Print Writers

Online content is very different from composing and constructing content for printed materials. Around 75% of visitors will only scan text instead of reading it closely, skipping what they perceive to be unnecessary information and hunting for what they regard as most relevant. Additionally, it takes about 25% more time to scan online content.

Our website content writers have the skills to develop relevant and engaging material that is also search engine optimized; our compositions are clear, and targeted