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Plague of Justice

This website is owned by Stan Turel and this book is about his father's murder and how Stan helped the detectives bring his father's killers to justice.  It's an interesting story. His story was part of a 60-Minutes segment also called "Plague of Justice."  60-Minutes looked into so-called jailhouse lawyers and the numerous frivolous lawsuits they brought against the prosecutors, the court, county sheriffs, Stan himself, and others; the cost to taxpayers to have to defend this frivolous lawsuits.  

Plague of Justice was built using HTML, CSS and a little javascript. This was one of the first websites we built. It was built before responsive websites became popular, which is now the standard practice; meaning websites which are both desktop and mobile friendly. The background image is a painting by Stan.  This painting is also on the cover of this book.

Visit Plague of Justice by clicking here.